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Vinyl Windows Installation in Hawthorne, NJ

Purchasing new vinyl windows is an investment. But the cost can vary depending on several factors like size, style, material, glazing technologies, and installation. If you want to get an accurate quote you need to pin down as many details as possible. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you want to get a more accurate quote on replacement windows:

Vinyl Windows

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What is the Architectural Style of Your Home?

The new windows you choose should look like they belong to your home. This starts by understanding the overall architectural style. A Georgian style home has one or two stories, a center-entry fa├žade, and symmetrical design so the windows on one side are mirrored on the other. Queen Anne homes often have fine brickwork, asymmetrical fronts, and corner towers or turrets with oriel windows facing multiple directions. Craftsman homes feature low pitched roofs, deep eaves, and often rows of smaller windows.

What Window Material is Best for your Project?

There are usually four main options to choose from: vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood windows. Vinyl is popular because it is weather resistant, energy efficient, and affordable. It may not come with as many color options, but the other benefits tend to outweigh aesthetics. Aluminum windows are strong and can hold expansive glass panes on smaller frame lines. That said, aluminum windows tend not to be as efficient as other materials. Fiberglass windows are strong, resilient, versatile, and energy efficient. And wood windows or wood clad windows have an unmatched aesthetic and excellent insulation. Finding the right material comes down to your budget and priorities. Is vinyl the best option?

What Window Styles do You Want?

The window style is largely driven by aesthetics, but also the functionality. Picture windows are some of the most affordable. They are great for a view and natural light, although they do not open for ventilation. Sliding or hung windows have a simple operation that works well on traditional homes, Casement windows hinge to one side and open and close much like a door and tend to look more modern.

What Type of Glazing Technology Suits Your Needs?

For decades window manufacturers have been finding new ways to improve the efficiency of modern windows. And because the majority of a window is glass, understanding the glazing technologies is important. Insulated glass units (IGUs) feature multiple glass panes with spaces between sealed together as a single unit inside the window frame. Other features of IGUs include inert gas fills and special coatings or applications on the different surfaces of the glass. Every added technology will also add to the cost of your new windows.

To get an accurate quote on new vinyl windows you need to sit down with a professional and talk details. Contact Home Supply Window & Door at 973-949-5401 to set up an appointment or stop by our showroom located at 160 Van Winkle Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506.