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Types and Features of Quality Special Shape Windows

When you’re looking to amplify your home’s appearance and natural lighting, look no further than Home Supply Window & Door and our array of special shape windows in the NYC Metro Area. For a statement piece that pulls the character and style of your home together, our special shape windows installation is the perfect addition to any home.

Special Shape Windows in NYC Metro Area

Understanding Special Shape Windows

Special shapes are any window that does not fit the standard rectangular shape of traditional home windows. These dramatic additions come in various sizes and styles to accommodate any preference. They can be installed in just about any room in your home to create a focal point that adds light and character to an otherwise ordinary space.

Special Shape Windows Variations

There is no limit to your creativity when choosing the perfect special shape windows, also known as geometric or radius windows, for your home. We offer hundreds of special shape windows, including angled, rectangular, curved shapes, and more, to bring your unique vision to life.

Types of Special Shape Windows

At Home Supply Window & Door, we offer a variety of geometric windows in unique shapes and sizes to accommodate diverse style preferences, including:

  • Circle
  • Half-Circle
  • Quarter Circle
  • Gothic
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Pentagon
  • Trapezoid
  • Triangle
  • And many more

Special Shape Windows Features

Special shape windows are packed with plenty of features, including:

  • Endless designs
  • Complementary to standard windows
  • Bold visual statement
  • Designs with ventilation and opening abilities available
  • Dual or triple-pane glass

Pros of Geometric Windows

Beyond their stylish flare and unrivaled aesthetic benefits, geometric, radius, or special shape windows are also energy efficient as many models have no moving parts. This also helps combat drafts and ventilation demands. Furthermore, they are low-maintenance, requiring little more than a good wipe-down.

Cons of Geometric Windows

Some shapes are only available as fixed units.  Others may have limited operability for ventilation.

Choose Home Supply Window & Door

Home Supply Window & Door is the leading choice for geometric and radius windows as our design professionals take the time to understand your vision to bring your special shape windows to life with expert customization options and prompt service. Additionally, we offer an incredible warranty and cost-effective pricing you can feel good about.

Trusted Window & Door Services for Your NYC Home

When you’re looking to enhance your NYC metro area home with gorgeous windows and doors that bring elegance and natural light into your home, Home Supply Window & Door is here to accommodate you. We offer many high-quality windows and doors to satisfy even the most specific homeowner preferences.

Contact Us Today About Special Shape Windows

You deserve the special shape windows you’ve always dreamt of, and Home Supply Window & Door is here to make it happen with premium geometric and radius windows that amplify the value and appearance of your home. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your window needs and receive your free estimate.

Providing Quality Windows and Doors to the NY Metro Area