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Reliable Drafty Window Replacement With Home Supply Window & Door in the New York City Metro Area

Are you tired of feeling a draft every time you walk past your windows? A drafty home can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also lead to higher energy bills. Home Supply Window & Door is here to help if you’re wondering how to address drafty windows. As experts in window replacement, we can assess the situation and offer solutions to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient. Our services are available in the New York City metro area.

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Top Causes of a Drafty Window

If you have drafty windows, it can significantly impact the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. There are several common causes of drafty windows that you should be aware of in order to address the issue effectively, including:

  • Age – The main reason for considering replacement windows is the aging of their seals and components, which leads to decreased efficiency and operability. As windows age, they tend to become less efficient and more difficult to operate. If your windows are more than two decades old, you may want to consider replacing them if they no longer perform as intended.
  • Installation – Improper installation is a common cause of window leaks. While some homeowners may attempt to install windows on their own or hire a handyman to save money, window installation requires precision, specialized tools, and expertise. Any errors made during installation can result in window leaks and other issues, making it important to entrust window installation to trained professionals.
  • Glass Panes – For a long time, double pane windows have been a popular choice among homeowners due to their airtight seals and use of inert gas fills, which helps to reduce heat transfer and air leaks in a house. However, when condensation appears between the panes of a double pane window, it is an indication that the seals have failed and water vapor is penetrating between the glass. This results in decreased energy efficiency and can lead to convection currents near the glass that give the sensation of drafts.
  • Moisture Damage – Water is essential for many things but not good for most window components. Excessive water infiltration into the frame can cause damage and poor window performance. To prevent drafts, addressing any warping or discoloration caused by water infiltration is important.

Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Window?

Drafty windows can be a real problem, especially in colder months, as they can lead to high energy bills and discomfort in your home. One sign that it’s time to repair or replace your windows is if you feel a draft when you stand next to them. Another sign is if you notice condensation or fogging between the panes of your windows, which indicates that the seals have failed and air is getting in. You should also check for cracks or chips in the glass, as well as any warping or discoloration of the frames. If you notice any of these signs, investing in drafty windows solutions is important to ensure your home stays comfortable and energy-efficient.

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Drafty windows are a common problem that many homeowners face. Fortunately, solutions are available to help increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills. With our wide selection of high-quality windows installation services, we can help you achieve the energy efficiency and comfort you deserve. Contact us to schedule a consultation at our location in Hawthorne, NJ.