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Kolbe Forgent Series in NYC Metro Area

Kolbe Windows & Doors’ dedication to innovation, quality and product design has led to the Forgent® Series. With a proprietary Glastra® material engineered for strength and durability, Forgent Series offers the most popular interior and exterior options for short lead times, ensuring you get windows and doors quickly.

Kolbe Forgent Series Windows in NYC Metro Area

Solutions for Replacement

Replace your old, worn windows with Forgent Series products for improved energy efficiency and an updated look. Forgent windows are a perfect solution for replacement projects, available in numerous sizes to fit your project. A variety of installation methods mean this window adapts to every condition: use removable nailing fins, installation clips, or through-frame installation.

Visit Home Supply’s Showroom

Our experts are excited to show you the many features and benefits of Forgent Series – visit our showroom for a personal consultation and viewing of Forgent Series windows and doors.

Forgent Series at Home Supply Window & Door
Interested in learning more about Forgent Series?

Visit Kolbe’s website for more detailed product information and resources.

Providing Quality Windows and Doors to the NY Metro Area