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Installing New Windows in NYC Metro Area

Energy Efficiency in New Windows

It’s well past time to consider energy efficiency. It’s more of a necessity in our world than an option. If you want to stay current and save on your energy bills, installing energy-efficient windows is key. How do new windows increase energy efficiency? Here’s our guide.


New windows will have greater thermal insulation than old windows. Installing new windows can help prevent the transfer of hot or cold air. There are two reasons for this:

  • The design of a modern window is such that insulation is nearly guaranteed, due to advanced materials and installation techniques.
  • Multiple layers of glass such as are featured in double or even triple-pane windows contain insulating gases between the panes. These can reduce the transfer of heat from the outside during the summer and from the inside during the winter.

Improvement in Sealing:

When you install new windows, you will have improved sealing automatically. Old windows can have many cracks, gaps or even holes in the seal that cannot keep air from seeping through and traveling in and out of your property. New windows, when installed properly, are tightly sealed and can give your heating and cooling system a rest, saving you much needed energy.

Frame and Sash Materials:

The window’s frame and sash can be made of wood, clad wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. All have high-performance options that can contribute to energy efficiency.

Condensation Control:

New windows can be purchased that have a new and revolutionary technology that helps control and prevent condensation on your windows. Why is this important for energy efficiency? It’s actually just a bonus! It comes along with energy efficient window options.
The moisture that can reside on your windows can lead to mold and bacteria buildup and can even damage the frames of your windows. Energy-efficient windows prevent this moisture buildup so that these problems don’t occur.

Low-E Coatings:

Low-Emissivity Coatings are coatings of a thin, invisible, metallic film on energy-efficient windows. This innovative technology can allow light to get in, but blocks heat and UV, or ultraviolet rays. Low-E coatings reflect heat and solar rays and absorb light.

Solar Ray Resistance

Installing windows with the right SHGC can help block solar radiation to preserve cooling or allow solar radiation to benefit heating. The SHGC is the solar heat gain coefficient. This is a measurement of how much heat gain you have coming into your house. Using windows with an appropriate SHGC can optimize your natural heating and cooling, thereby reducing your dependence on your heating and cooling system and lowering your energy bills.

Additional Benefits to Installing New Energy-Efficient Windows

Noise Reduction

New windows can provide significant reduction in the noise pollution that enters your home from the outside environment.  As energy-efficient windows are more substantial than their older counterparts, they are able to block sound much more efficiently as well.

Government Incentives

Purchasing and installing energy-efficient windows can lead to tax savings. The US government is currently offering tax credits to people who make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. Just another reason purchasing new windows is a good idea.

Home Supply Window & Door

Whether you need help choosing energy efficient windows, need to figure out which energy efficient windows are for you, or are just beginning to consider energy efficiency as an option, make sure to contact the professionals at Home Supply Window & Door. We can help you choose the right windows to meet your needs. In the New York City metro area, we are your source for all things window and door.  Have questions, visit our website or just give us a call at (973) 949-9401.