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Trends And Styles in Windows in NYC Metro Area


The Latest Design Trends and Styles in Windows

We all want to stay current in home and business. This means updating every aspect of an abode. When it comes to window upgrades it seems that windows are timeless. But they actually follow the same sorts of styles and trends that are common in every other aspect of life. Home Supply Window & Door can help you follow these trends and styles. Here is a quick and easy list of seven the hottest new trends in windows!

Window Walls

Looking for a trend that maximizes your space? Window walls are the latest rage. They open the space and can be up to 50 feet long.  Choose one window in your house or office and make this trend a reality for you! It’s very effective for showcasing the great outdoors in your beautiful space.

Black Windows

In the fashion world, we talk about what color is the “new black.” In the window world, black is the new neutral. Black windows offer a sophisticated contrast to wall color in softer colored rooms. Black windows can also be very versatile. They’re a sophisticated look that complement many types of interior designs making them a very versatile choice.

Windowed Doors

We have seen a lot of windowed doors going up this year and we just love this hot trend. Creating a great focal point for the home, windowed doors are a beautiful way to let in a little extra light and illuminate your entry ways.

Not only that, windowed doors provide an extra level of security in your home, as you can easily see visitors as they approach your home. Windowed doors really pop as a feature on a home so curb appeal is greatly enhanced, making this a trend we love!

Privacy Windows

Letting light in, while keeping eyes out, make privacy windows are a wonderful way to keep a secluded feel while enjoying nature’s light. Privacy windows can be crafted using tints or shaded windows, including those that can be controlled electrically. These techniques lend themselves to many customization options. Privacy windows can be as individualized as you and your home are.

Unique Window Shape Options

The sky’s the limit when it comes to unique window shapes. When going all in on this trend, make sure you consider the architectural style and history of your home. Shaped windows can facilitate maximum natural light. They’re a great choice when you want to make a majestic and bold statement.  But the options don’t stop there. From half circles and circle windows to hexagons, ovals, and pentagons, you can create the look you want with the help of the experts.

Energy Efficient Windows

Nothing looks better on you and your home than the smart choice of energy efficiency. This can be easily achieved through your windows and there are so many options that will make you and your wallet very happy! Some of the benefits of energy-efficient windows include:

  • Better Insulation
  • Improvement in Sealing
  • Condensation Control
  • Protection from Harmful UV rays
  • Options for preventing heat and cool transfer
  • Allowing light in, but keeping temperature change out

Getting in on the latest styles and trends means updating your home, better curb appeal, and better resale value when that time comes. To stay up to date on these styles, contact the experts at Home Supply Window & Door where we are on the cutting edge of the latest trends. Or visit our beautiful online gallery. We are the experts in everything you need to know about keeping current!


Home Supply Window & Door

For your window replacement needs, make sure to contact the professionals at Home Supply Window & Door. We can help you choose the exact right windows to meet your needs. In the New York City metro area, we are your source for all things window and door.  Have questions, visit our website or just give us a call at (973) 949-5401.