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Window Replacement Service in NYC Metro Area

The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Windows

It’s time to get that window replacement. Whether you’ve had it with your old drafty windows or you just want a much-needed upgrade, you’ve earned it! It’s time to get the windows you deserve!

Whatever you want to do you need it done right. That’s where we come in. Here’s a list of the top ten most common mistakes to avoid when you’re replacing those windows.

  1. Inadequate Planning
    One mistake that many people make is beginning the window replacement process without planning properly. Instead of jumping the gun, go ahead and work out the following details before you start the window replacement process:
  • Figure out how much you want to spend. Set a budget. Give your budget a little wiggle room in case changes need to be made. You can celebrate if you hit the mark below your budget.
  • Research styles and trends in window replacements. Assess your home and purchase windows that match the style of your home.
  • Work out what you’d like to improve. Decide why you’re replacing, and carefully choose windows that meet your needs.
  • Choose the level of energy efficiency you’d like to achieve.
  1. Making the Wrong Choice in Window Type

Another mistake people make when replacing windows is choosing a style of window that doesn’t match their home’s architectural style. Carefully consider that your home is a work of art with its own architectural characteristics. Pick windows to match this uniqueness.

  1. Forgetting Energy Efficiency

Whoops! It’s downright gauche to choose a window that isn’t supportive of energy efficiency. Experts can help you choose energy efficient solutions, and you can also do your own research. Afraid you’ll make this error? Never fear, we can help. Invest in windows with high Energy Star ratings to make your home and your wallet happy. You can easily achieve better insulation, lower energy costs and luxuriant comfort in your home.

  1. Measuring Incorrectly
    Another mistake you want to avoid when installing is measuring incorrectly. All you have to do is measure multiple times to make sure you have it right. When in doubt, call in the professionals!
  2. Failing to Comply with Local Building Codes
    This will get you into a lot of trouble. Any time you do any kind of home addition or repair, you must look up and adhere to local building codes. You’ll be happy you did when it’s time for permits and inspections.
  3. DIY Installation Without Skills
    Please do not attempt a do-it-yourself installation if you are not licensed and skilled. You may run into some serious problems Unless you have experience and know what you’re doing, you must hire a professional installer. This will ensure the windows are efficiently and correctly installed.
  4. Choosing Windows Based on Price Only
    Make sure you know how to balance what you want with the cost. Trying to aim too low with price can mean low quality windows and this can mean issues with quality, energy efficiency, and durability. Being flexible with price can help to ensure an investment that pays off in the long run.
  5. Ignoring Warranty and Guarantees:
    Before you have windows installed make sure that you understand the warranty and guarantees associated with the selected windows. Forgetting to acknowledge this could mean that you end up in hot water when something goes awry. Just read all agreements before you begin.
  6. Forgetting Window Maintenance
    Try to research and learn what type of maintenance is required for your chosen windows. Choosing windows that require more maintenance than your lifestyle can handle is a mistake many people make. You’ll want to follow manufacturer guidelines and strictly follow them for upkeep.
  7. Not Balancing Light, Aesthetics, and Privacy
    You’ll want to make sure you are considering the balance between natural light and privacy. Many windows can be ordered that offer some privacy while still letting in natural light. Additionally, make sure you are focused equally on aesthetic and functionality.

You’re on your way to getting an installation of some fabulous windows! You now know all you need to know about procuring the windows of your dreams and updating your look! If you avoid these common mistakes, you can be sure to have a successful window replacement that increases the value of your home and has you living in quiet, effortless luxury. When you’re ready to roll, contact the experts at Home Supply Window & Door!

Home Supply Window & Door

Whether you need help replacing windows in your office or home, you want to avoid common mistakes and we want to help you do that! For your window replacement needs, make sure to contact the professionals at Home Supply Window & Door. We can help you choose the right windows to meet your needs. In the New York City metro area, we are your source for all things window and door.  Have questions, visit our website or just give us a call at (973) 949-5401.