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Compare Materials for Exterior Windows in the NYC metro area

Choosing exterior windows for your home in New York City can be overwhelming because of the number of choices there are. Our team at Home Supply Window & Door thinks it’s best to explain windows by the material they’re constructed from to help our customers understand the benefits of each. When we discuss the material, we’re specifically talking about the frame. As a premier window and door supplier, we can help you choose a stellar product from our wide range of brands. Let’s look at your options.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is found in many homes because it is one of the most affordable options. However, that doesn’t mean they are made cheaply or only for those on a strict budget. Vinyl replacement windows are appealing because they’re made of durable, long-lasting materials that don’t require much maintenance other than occasional cleaning. We work with trusted companies that manufacture energy-efficient vinyl windows in various colors and styles.

Wood Windows

If a warm, welcoming touch of traditional charm is your goal, you can’t beat the appeal of wood windows. They can be produced from many different species of wood and painted or stained to meet the style of any modern or antique home. Other benefits of wood include its exceptional insulating qualities and extensive life. The one drawback to keep in mind is wood windows require more maintenance than other materials.

Clad Windows

Want the beauty and detail of wood inside your home without worrying about the maintenance on the exterior? Clad windows could be the answer. These windows leave the wood interior exposed and visible on the inside of your home. However, outdoors, aluminum cladding offers extra protection against the weather. Our brands use extruded aluminum cladding, which is more durable than roll-formed used by some manufacturers.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum window frames are almost entirely maintenance-free. They are light and strong, and while aluminum is conductive of heat and cold, most manufacturers now add a thermal break to the frames in order to earn performance ratings approaching those of wood or clad wood windows. Aluminum offers a sleek, attractive design and can be painted in just about any color, and black metal windows are becoming one of the most sought-after details in homes these days.

Fiberglass Windows

If durability and longevity are what you seek, fiberglass windows are probably your best option. The material is similar to glass, giving it a low expansion rate, and preventing some of the warping problems found in other less expensive materials. Fiberglass is very weather resistant so perfect in almost any environment. While they cost a little more than vinyl, fiberglass windows will last for decades.

Find Your Window Material in Our Showroom

If you’re shopping for replacement windows in the New York City area, Home Supply Window & Door offers complete sales and installation by our experienced team. We can show you windows by material, discuss custom options, and find the sizes and styles to add beauty and value to your home. Visit our showroom in Hawthorne, NJ today.