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Once you have decided to replace the windows for your home, there are a lot of decisions to make. Some of your choices will impact the aesthetic of your home as well as the price and efficiency of your project. One question we often get is whether or not triple-glazing is worth the extra cost. So here is what you need to know about triple-glazing and if the benefits are right for you.

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What is Triple Glazed Windows?

Instead of one or two panes, manufacturers seal three panes of glass within a window frame. They use spacers and fill the small gaps between panes with an inert gas that improves insulation and protects against moisture leaks. They can also use specialized coatings to improve efficiency. In general, triple-pane windows provide improved energy efficiency over double-pane, but you need to balance the performance improvement against higher cost and warranty considerations.

How Does Triple-Glazing Compare?

Here are a few things to consider when deciding on double or triple-pane windows:

1. Efficiency

Single-pane windows have been phasing out for years as the benefits of double-glazed windows have become well known. They are stronger, safer, and more energy efficient. But how do double and triple-glazed windows compare? In colder regions, triple-glazing may save you 2-3% of your heating costs. Depending on your heating costs and how long you plan to stay in your home, you’ll want to ensure that the energy savings will pay back the additional cost of the windows.

2. Condensation

Seal failure, which allows air and moisture between the panes of glass, has become uncommon, like glass, spacer, and seal technologies have advanced. Because triple-pane windows have more panes and seals, they have a slightly higher chance of experiencing seal failure. However, seal failure is now so rare that this is not as important a consideration as it was years ago.

3. Natural Light

If you like to capitalize on natural light, then this might be a difference that can make or break triple pane windows. Because there is an extra pane, these windows don’t let in as much light. The difference can be significant depending on the coating configuration. Conversely, if you are looking to block some of the sun’s glare, the extra panes and surfaces could be a benefit.

4. Noise Pollution

This is surprising, but when it comes to noise, there is little difference between double-pane and triple-pane windows. In fact, if you can get sound transmission coefficient (STC) ratings you will see there is very little difference between the two. Instead, you will want to look at the laminated glass to help cut down on unwanted outside noise.

5. Comfort

For most homeowners, this is the leading reason why they choose triple over double-glazing. On any given day, at any given outdoor temperature, the inside glass of your windows will always be closer to the room temperature.

6.  Cost

Triple-glazing will cost more than double-glazing and is typically warranted for a lesser period. To get an accurate quote and comparison of the benefits, you will need to talk with a window professional.

Want to know more about double and triple-glazing and which windows are best for your home? Call Home Supply Window and Door. We offer outstanding value and a commitment to the highest-quality products. We will ensure your project is professionally executed from start to finish. You can reach us at 973-949-5401 to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. Or you can visit our showroom at 160 Van Winkle Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506.