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Kolbe's new Forgent™ Series

Top-Notch Windows With Home Supply Window & Door in the New York City Metro Area

Looking for high-quality windows in the New York City metro area? Look no further than Home Supply Window & Door. We are thrilled to offer our customers the latest window technology with Kolbe’s new Forgent™ Series. These innovative windows are constructed of Glastra™, a proprietary hybrid of fiberglass and a UV-stable polymer, and feature an advanced ladder design that adds strength, promotes energy efficiency, and reduces outside noise.

Top Benefits of Kolbe Windows

Kolbe Forgent™ windows provide a range of benefits for homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors. From their solid and resilient Glastra exterior to their energy efficiency and impact performance options, here are some of the key benefits of the Forgent™ Series:

  • Glastra Exterior and Interior Options – Forgent™ Series windows and doors are made of Glastra, a durable fiberglass and UV-stable polymer hybrid. Its multi-layered technology resists fading and heat absorption, making it ideal for various climates and harsh weather conditions.
  • Impact Performance and Energy Efficiency – Due to their advanced ladder design with multiple chambers, laboratory stress tests show that Forgent™ Series windows’ welded corners can resist over twice as much pressure as typical fiberglass windows.
  • AccuForge™ Welded Sash and Frame – Forgent™ Series windows and doors prevent air and water infiltration with their AccuForge™ welded sash and frame.
  • Wide Range of Finishes – Kolbe’s Forgent™ Series offers a wide selection of exterior and interior finishes, including stains and paints, to create a custom look.
  • Recyclable Glastra Material – Forgent™ Series windows and doors are environmentally friendly as they are made of repurposed Glastra material from other industries.

Different Types of Forgent™ Series Windows

With options for a strong and resilient Glastra exterior or a beautiful wood interior, Forgent™ Series windows offer the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics. The different types of Forgent™ Series windows available include:

  • Casement Windows – Kolbe’s Forgent™ Series casement windows provide homeowners with ample daylight, fresh air, and energy efficiency. With their proven structural strength of up to LC-PG65 for stationary and operating units and impact mullion PG70, Forgent™ casement windows meet IPD4 impact certification standards without requiring additional reinforcement.
  • Awning Windows – Kolbe’s Forgent™ Series awning windows boast efficient ventilation and short lead times, and they can be combined with other windows. They have been tested to exhibit excellent structural strength, with stationary units able to withstand up to LC-PG65 and operating units up to LC-PG60, while the impact mullion can withstand up to PG70.
  • Double-Hung Windows – Forgent™ double-hung windows provide a traditional two-sash vertical operation and a colonial American style that fits perfectly into new construction projects. They have demonstrated structural strength of up to LC-PG50 for standard performance active units, LC-PG55 for impact performance active units, LC-PG65 for standard performance stationary units, and PG70 for impact mullion.
  • Sliding Windows – These new construction sliding windows come in single and triple sliding configurations. Forgent™ sliding windows have demonstrated structural strength of up to LC-PG40 for standard performance units, LC-PG50 for impact performance units, and PG70 for impact mullion. These sliding windows allow you to achieve IPD4 impact certification without additional reinforcement.
  • Specialty Windows – Forgent™ specialty windows are made to order and delivered in a short period of time. Forgent™ specialty windows have glass directly set into the frame, allowing ample daylight openings. The profiles of these windows are available in casements, double-hung, or doors to match your other windows and doors. These new construction specialty windows have been tested for structural strength and proven to have up to LC-PG50 for standard performance units, LC-PG65 for impact performance units, and PG70 for impact mullion.

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With Kolbe’s new Forgent™ Series windows, we are able to offer an unparalleled combination of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re looking to replace a single window or upgrade your entire home or business, the team of experts at Home Supply Window & Door is here to guide you through the process and help you find the perfect solution for your needs. To learn more about the benefits of Kolbe’s new Forgent™ Series windows, or to request a free in-home quote, contact us.

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