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Quality fiberglass windows in Hawthorne, NJ

Home Supply Window & Door in Hawthorne, NJ works with trusted fiberglass window manufacturers to bring exceptional products to homeowners in New York City. While you’re likely drawn to the visual appeal of a particular window, considering the material of the window frame should be one of the most important aspects of your decision. Not only will it contribute to function and aesthetic quality, but it’s directly related to the quality and durability of the product. For example, do you know the difference between fiberglass vs. vinyl windows? Fiberglass windows have quickly jumped to the forefront in many key categories important to homeowners, and below you’ll learn why.

Fiberglass Brings Added Strength to Windows

When it comes to fiberglass windows vs. vinyl, pound-for-pound, fiberglass windows have a superior strength-to-weight ratio and perform better in the lengthwise direction. What does that mean? Fiberglass can hold large panes of glass for a more expansive view while letting in more natural daylight. It also resists surface damage by distributing the impact load more evenly.

Have Peace of Mind With the Durability of Fiberglass

In the NYC metro area, we see our fair share of Nor’easters that bring high winds, heavy snow, and rain. Fiberglass windows are up for the challenge and stand up in these extreme weather conditions, resisting all environmental damage, including extreme swings in temperature, UV rays, and corrosive salt air.

Conserve Utility Expenses With Energy-Efficient Fiberglass

One of the primary ways to determine the energy efficiency of a window (or any material) is by measuring its ability to conduct heat, also known as thermal conductivity. Heat transfers at a low rate in materials with a lower thermal conductivity than in those with high thermal conductivity. When it comes to fiberglass vs. vinyl windows, the thermal conductivity of a fiberglass window frame is many times less than vinyl. This will provide significant energy savings in cold and warmer months.

Fiberglass Windows Are Long Lasting

We get many questions about windows from customers, and one of the most common is how long windows last. Fiberglass windows are some of the longest-lasting on the market, with a life expectancy of 40 years or more with very little maintenance. Compare that to the 15 to 20 years we typically expect for vinyl windows, and it’s no wonder fiberglass is a preferred choice.

Easy to Care for and Maintenance Free

Once fiberglass windows are installed, you’ll enjoy their distinguished appearance for years with minimal upkeep. Aside from simple cleaning, the fiberglass finish requires little to no maintenance to retain its attractiveness.

Resistance to Warping

Big swings in temperature, like we can see in the Northeast from season to season and even day to day, can cause certain materials to expand and contract. Fiberglass has a low thermal expansion rate, meaning varying temperatures don’t affect fiberglass very much. It expands and contracts at the same rate as glass, so the risk of warping and leaking is minimized.

Safety and Security Benefits

Fiberglass windows are a great addition to make your home safe and secure. Their strength, durability, and impact resistance are hard to match, and intruders will be required to use a lot more effort to break in from the outside. You can even increase security by adding double glazing with laminate coatings to your fiberglass window frames.

Add Value to Your Property

It’s no secret that new windows are a huge selling point if you’re putting your house on the market. But fiberglass replacement windows will get you an excellent return on your investment, where you can get as much as 85% back! It makes fiberglass windows one of the best home improvement upgrades you can invest in.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only is the manufacturing of fiberglass window frames less of an environmental impact than other window materials, but they are also recyclable. Choosing windows made of efficient materials like fiberglass reduces your carbon footprint, which is also why fiberglass is frequently used in green construction projects.

Shop Fiberglass Windows in the NYC metro area

If you’re interested in fiberglass window frames for your home in the NYC metro area, visit the Home Supply Window & Door showroom in Hawthorne, NJ. We’ve been supplying homeowners and builders with quality doors and windows since 2015. Contact us today to learn more.