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If you have been looking at replacing windows, you know there are a variety of styles on the market. The windows you choose will not only impact the aesthetic of your home, but also the comfort, functionality, and natural light. It is a big decision…one you want to get right. Here is more information on three common window styles so you can decide if they are the right option for you.

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What are Single and Double-Hung Windows?

These operable windows work by sliding up and down, one sash over the other. With single-hung windows only one sash, typically the bottom one moves. With double-hung styles, both window sashes slide up and down. Typically these windows are taller than they are wide. They work great in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and alongside fixed windows.

Benefits of Single and Double-Hung Windows

With these window styles you get:

Great Ventilation

Double-hung windows are especially good for ventilation because you can open both the top and the bottom of these windows. Cool air can come in through the bottom and warmer air can exit out the top.

Easy Cleaning

Modern single and double-hung windows feature tilting sashes. This way, you can access the outside surfaces without the need for ladders.


Windows can be dangerous for small children, but with double-hung windows, you can still open the top sash and keep the lower portion latched. There is less risk of a little one pressing on the screen and falling out an open window.

Options for Window Mounted A/C

Single and double-hung windows are the best option if you require window-mounted air conditioning. They are the perfect style for these window units so you can keep your space cool without the excessive cost of constantly running the HVAC system.

What are Horizontal Sliding Windows?

Just as the name suggests, these windows feature one operable sash that slides left and right along the track, overlapping with the fixed sash. They are also called sliders or gliding windows. And while not as common as double-hung windows, horizontal sliders can also have both sides operable called a two-lite slider. Homeowners typically install these windows in bedrooms, kitchens, and living spaces.

Benefits of Horizontal Sliding Windows

With these windows styles you can expect:

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Modern designs feature a removable sash so you can access both the inside and outside glass surfaces from the inside. Also, they do not feature as many moving parts and do not require weights and springs for operation. With fewer things that can break down, these windows tend to last longer with very little maintenance and upkeep.

A Wider View

There are a lot of variations for these windows and they can be both tall and wide. So you can open up your view and capitalize on more natural light.

No Protrusions

These windows do not project outside so you can easily install them along with porches and walkways without having to worry about any obstructions.

These are just a few benefits to consider when choosing replacement window styles. For more information about window styles, consult with the professionals at Home Supply Window and Door. You can call 973-949-5401 to set up an in-home consultation. Or stop by 160 Van Winkle Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506 to inquire about our product designs.