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It has been a long winter, but spring is on the horizon. With it often comes the urge to get your home back in order after a long stint indoors. And one of the best projects you can take on brighten up your home is clean your windows. But not just a spritz of glass cleaner and a quick wipe down. If you want to keep your windows in top shape for years to come, then a real spring cleaning is in order. It will also give you a chance to examine your windows to check for more serious issues.

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Window Cleaning Tools

Before getting started, assemble your tools. Never use harsh cleaners, abrasives, sharp tools, or power washers on your windows. Instead, to clean all the surfaces of your windows, you will need:

  • Lint-free cloths
  • A soft bristle brush
  • Water and mild detergent
  • Glass cleaner
  • A plastic putty knife
  • A vacuum
  • Silicone lubrication spray
  • Once you have everything together, follow these steps.
Step 1. Remove Screens and Sashes

For most window styles, this should be fairly easy. Removing the screens and operable sashes will give you access to all the surfaces of your windows. Just be sure you lay the removable parts on a flat, clean surface. Or you can try propping them up in the shower or bathtub. If you can’t tilt or remove the sashes, to find a way to clean the exterior surfaces of your windows as well.

Step 2. Clean the Frames

Before starting on the glass, wipe down with window frames with the water and soap. Work quickly so water does not drop down and collect in the track. Wash, rinse, and wipe dry. And if there is tougher dirt on the frames, use the soft bristle brush and a higher concentration of the detergent to try and remove it. Do not try using a razor blade or stronger chemicals or you might damage the finish on your windows.

Step 3. Clean the Glass

Now that the frames are clean, use your favorite window cleaner and a lint free cloth to clean the glass. If you don’t have a cleaner on hand, a mixture of water and vinegar works well.

Step 4. Clear and Grease the Track

You might be surprised at how much dust and debris has collected in the track over the course of the winter. Use the vacuum and brush to remove as much loose debris as you can. If something is wedged in the track, use the putty knife to remove it. When the track is clear, spray the silicone lubricant onto a cloth and wipe it down. Do not try spraying directly onto the track or the spray can get on your clean windows and you will have to wipe them down again.

Step 5. Clean the Screens

The screens are probably the dirtiest part of your windows. Their design allows them to trap dirt, dust, and debris. So either in the yard or in the tub, gently spray the screens with water. Then, use the mild detergent and a soft brush to clear away dirt. Rinse until the water runs clear and allow the screens time to dry before installing them.

If you notice condensation between the panes, breaks in the glass, or warped window frames that even a deep clean can’t fix, get window replacement as soon as possible. Call Home Supply Window and Door and we will give you an estimate on the best products for your needs. You can find us at 160 Van Winkle Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506 or call 973-949-5401.