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Because window replacement is such a large investment, you want to be sure the job is done right. That is why leaving it to the professionals is so important. But it is also important to know what to expect. There are so many variables to watch for and being clear on the process will ensure you get the end result you expect. Here is a generalized list of what you can expect from professional window replacement.

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1. A Detailed Consultation

The first thing to do is pin down the window styles, materials, and technologies you want in your home. With so many products to navigate, having a professional walk you through the different options is essential. Only then can you expect to find the right windows for your needs, tastes, and budget. This is why it is so important to take advantages of the free, in-home consultation. They can look at your current windows, take precise measurements, get an idea of which replacements will work best, and provide you with a detailed quote. And once you decide to move ahead, they will get your windows on order.

2. Reminder

A member of the team will contact you a few days before the installation to let you know your product has arrived, confirm the installation time, and address any concerns you might have. They should also give you a brief instruction on how to prepare for window installation. For example, you should remove any window coverings or wall hangings that are in proximity to your windows. This will speed up the process and preserve these items if you intend to reuse them. And if you have questions about your installation, you can get the answers before starting the process.

3. Project Walk Through

On the day of your window installation, the project manager will walk through your home and verify each window on your list. While errors in delivery are not common, it can happen. And it is better to find the problem up front rather than discover it when there is already a hole in your wall. If there are no discrepancies, the installation team will get started.

4. Site Preparation

A professional installation crew is meticulous from start to finish. They will put down sheeting and tarps to help mitigate the construction debris as much as possible. They will also put up ladders or scaffolding if you are replacing windows above the first level. You can also expect to see a small worksite where they will keep the majority of tools they need to remove your old windows and install the new ones.

5. Removal and Installation

Once the site is ready, the installation crew will get started. Working from one room to the next the team will remove the old window and immediately replace it with the new one. This cuts down on your home’s exposure to the elements and makes it easier if the project spans over a couple of days. As soon as the old window is out, the team will make the necessary adjustments to the opening before fitting the new window in, leveling it with shims, and securing it in place. They clad the exterior and move on to the next window.

6. Finish and Clear Out

A crew of five or six installers can complete approximately ten window installations in a day, depending on the size and difficulty. If your project rolls over into a second day, the team will complete the rest of the installations and start to clean up. They will remove scaffolding, put tools away, and clean up the worksite. The only thing they should leave behind is your immaculate new windows. The project manager will do a final walk through, examining and testing the new products. Again, they will answer any final questions you may have and give you some maintenance tips.

For meticulous window installation, contact Home Supply Window and Door. You can get state of the art design, premium products, and exceptional installation all at the highest standards. Call 973-949-5401 for more information or stop by 160 Van Winkle Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506 to schedule your consultation.