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Window Replacement in Hawthorne, NJ

Getting replacement windows is something a homeowner should only experience once or twice in their lifetime. Because it is not a common occurrence, few people know the different steps and variables to the window installation process. Here is a general outline of what the entire process looks like:

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Initial Consultation

During a consultation, a window expert visits the home and goes over each replacement window. They look at the current windows, home’s orientation, and take measurements to assess the needs of the buyer. Then they will sit down with the homeowner and find the right window styles, materials, and glazing options for their home and budget. Once the client makes selections they get a finalized quote. It details the products, labor costs, warranty, etc. The company orders the replacement windows and schedules a time for delivery and installation.

Confirmation Call

A few days before the installation the staff contacts the homeowner to confirm the appointment. The representative lets the client know the products have arrived and confirms the time of the appointment. They also provide instructions on how to prepare the home for installation. They encourage the removal of drapes, wall hangings, and furniture that might interfere with the process. This is a good time for the homeowner to ask questions about the installation process and understand how they can make things quicker and easier for the installation team.

Pre-Project Walk-Through

On the day of installation, the job foreman walks through the home with the homeowner. Together they check off which windows are on the list and make sure they have the right products ready. While it is rare, mistakes can happen. It is good to get all the details straight before starting the removal process and realizing a product is missing.

Site Preparation

The installation team gets to work preparing the home for installation. Window removal and installation require some demolition and they do what they can to keep the site safe and clean throughout the process. This means setting up tarps, drape cloths, tools, scaffolding, and ladders. Once that is all in place they are ready to start.

Old Window Removal and New Window Installation

Once the old window is out the installers immediately replace it with the new one. This way the home is not exposed to the elements overnight if the project bleeds into a second or third day. During installation, the crew ensures the proper fit, levels the window with shims, and secures it in place. Then they add the insulation and calking and finish off by cladding the exterior.

Finish and Clean Up

The number of replacement windows determines the number of days the project takes. Most window installation projects take two or three days. On the last day, the team installs the last of the windows and begins the removal of their tools, scaffolding, traps, and drapes. They meticulously clean up the workspace so the only things left are the replacement windows.

Final Walk-Through

Before calling it a day the job foreman performs a final walk-through with the homeowner. They make sure all the windows meet the client’s expectations as well as discuss the proper care, operation, and maintenance of the new products. This is a good time for the homeowner to confirm details about the warranty on products and services.

In Need of Replacement Windows?

If you want a wide variety of high-quality replacement windows and outstanding service from start to finish, contact Home Supply Window and Door. Our goal is to ensure your project is professionally executed to your complete satisfaction. For more information or to set up an appointment stop by 160 Van Winkle Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506 or contact us at 973-949-5401.