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When choosing replacement windows for your home one of the most important decisions you will make is the frame material. This will dictate how efficient, durable, and long lasting your windows will be. It will also contribute to how much maintenance is required to keep your windows looking like new. Of those materials, vinyl is probably the easiest to take care of. It is weather resistant and will not crack, chip, fade, or rust. Here are a few simple tips you can follow to keep your vinyl windows looking new:

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1. Examine Your Windows

During your routine cleaning take the time to look closely at window frames and glass. Make sure all the seals are intact, watch for condensation, and test all the locks and latches. This is about safety as much as it is about convenience. And if you notice air leaks, mold, rot, or warping you might need window repair or replacement.

2. Wash the Frames

To wash vinyl window frames you need mild detergent, water, soft cloth or sponge, and a dry towel. Wash with the detergent and then wipe with clear water to remove soap residue. Then quickly dry with the towel. For tougher stains, you can use the detergent and a soft bristle brush. Do work quickly and do not allow too much water to run down the frame.

3. Clean the Glass

Use generic glass cleaner and a lint free cloth to clean the glass. Or you can make your own glass cleaner with a combination of one part vinegar with three parts water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean the glass. Spray the solution on the glass and wipe in different directions. If you notice streaks you should rinse out the cloth and wipe again. And for a streak-free shine wait for the glass to dry and polish the surface with a blackboard eraser.

4. Clean and Lubricate the Track

Next, use a vacuum to clean any loose dirt out of the track. If anything is lodged in the track try using a plastic putty knife to remove it. Once the track is clear you can use a silicone lubricant spray to keep the sash moving smoothly. But don’t spray directly into the track. Instead, spray into a cloth and wipe down the track, so you don’t have to worry about overspray getting on your clean windows.

5. Wash the Screens

Remove the screens and place them on a flat surface or prop them up in the bathtub or shower. Wash with detergent and water, rinse with clear water, and then allow them time to dry before putting them back in the frame. This will cut down on allergens and dust getting into your home.

If you have more questions about maintaining vinyl windows contact us at Home Supply Window & Door. Call 973-949-5401 or stop by 160 Van Winkle Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506. We provide detailed product and design knowledge.