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Vinyl windows can deliver exceptional insulation, easy maintenance, and durability at a low cost. In the last decades, vinyl windows have gained even more popularity…and for good reason! They will not rust, dent, scratch, or fade. They are also a perfect all-weather material, being able to withstand both extreme heat and cold. And manufacturers can manipulate vinyl into any shape or size you might want. But not all vinyl windows meet the same standards. So if you want to find the best vinyl windows for your home, here are some factors you will want to consider:

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1. The Right Combination of Compounds

It all starts with the vinyl itself. Each manufacturer uses their own recipe for the material. Some mix in other materials (or leave key ingredients out to save money). This can compromise the strength and durability of vinyl, and cause the color to yellow or fade over time. In vinyl, you should expect to see plasticizers, fillers, pigments, and chemicals. And in a quality product, you also want to see titanium dioxide and organic tin, which help vinyl stay pure white. Because these two ingredients are costly, you can expect to pay more for quality vinyl windows.

2. Multiple Chambers Inside the Frame

Most window frames are a system of interlocking chambers. If you look at a cross-section of a product, you will know what to expect. You want to see chambers of varying size and the more chambers, the better the product. Some products have as many as 15 chambers. Not only do these improve the strength and function of the window, but it will also help improve the insulation.

3. Thicker Material

Another thing to consider when looking at a cross-section of a product is the material thickness. A thicker material usually means a higher quality product. They are more likely to keep their shape and strength for years to come.

4. Proper Assembly

There are two main ways manufacturers assemble vinyl windows are with screws or with welding. There is a big difference. Windows which are mechanically fastened rely on brackets, screws, and caulk to hold the pieces of the window together. Unfortunately, if one of these windows is dropped or twisted during shipment or installation, it could break the seam. With welded corners, the process creates a single piece of vinyl.

5. High Energy Ratings

As with all windows, you can compare quality by looking at the label. These measurements tell you how well vinyl windows will insulate your home, protect against unwanted thermal transfer, and resist condensation. So when shopping for windows, take note of the performance information available on the labels.

At Home Supply Window and Door, we choose brands that take vinyl windows to the next level. In addition to top quality vinyl windows, we also offer cellular PVC and Hybrid windows that capitalize on the durability and weather resistance of vinyl but also come with the strength of aluminum or the beauty of the wood. Do you want to see some of our quality vinyl windows for your home? Contact us at 973-949-5401 or visit 160 Van Winkle Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506.