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Aluminum windows came into the residential market after WWII as an affordable and durable alternative to wood windows, but they fell out of favor as we started to pay more attention to the thermal performance of windows. While aluminum windows have remained popular in the warmer parts of the country, they have been using sparingly in residences in the northeast. However, a new technology that allows a “thermal break” in the aluminum has greatly improved their energy performance and made them viable for our area. Here are some things to know about aluminum windows:

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Strength and Durability

While light, aluminum window frames are very strong. The material is three times stronger than PVC and four times stronger than wood. It will not crack, split, warp, or swell. This ensures the extended life of the product. They can also hold larger panes of glass with fewer breaks so you can really open up your home.

Low Maintenance

Because it is so durable and weatherproof, aluminum requires very little in the way of maintenance. Whether anodized or powder-coated, the finish will resist corrosion and you won’t have to worry about repainting later.

Thermal Performance

Aluminum is more naturally conductive of heat and cold than vinyl or wood, so aluminum windows have struggled to meet the energy efficiency levels we expect in the northeast. However, most aluminum window manufacturers now engineer a composite material between the exterior and exterior components to help deaden thermal transfer. Some of the more robust thermal breaks allow aluminum windows to approach the same energy performance levels of wood and vinyl windows.


Aluminum is one of the most highly recyclable materials in the world, making these windows highly sustainable.


Aluminum’s affordability makes it useful in many low-cost products we use every day. The aluminum in quality windows is typically a high-grade extrusion designed to bear the weight of the glass and other components of the window, so a little more costly than the aluminum in your soda can.


These windows have slim sight lines, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who like simple, modern design concepts. Paired with large openings, you can really get the look of a more spacious, minimalist home. And even the operable windows maintain a cohesive exterior style, making the windows appear fixed with such thin frames. You also have an array of colors to choose from and are sure to find a hue that matches the interior and exterior of your home.


With aluminum frames, you have several window styles at your disposal. Awning, casement, double hung, sliders, oversize sliding and folding door systems, and so much more. You can also choose double or triple pane glass, obscured or etched glass, and different finishes on the hardware.

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If you are looking for windows in aluminum or any other material, contact Home Supply Window and Door. Our staff can offer expert advice on quality products and help you find the best windows for your home and budget. Our products and installation meet the highest standards. And you are sure to get outstanding value! Stop by 160 Van Winkle Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506 or call us at 973-949-5401.